Questions To Ask When Buying Insurance

Getting insurance is a big deal and often comes with a lot of questions, but before all of that typically comes the question “How do I find the right insurance agent?”. As you are shopping your insurance or buying something ask these questions:

1 How long has she been selling insurance?

2 When I call will I get an experienced agent?

3 Can and will she in house shop my insurance for the best coverage at the lowest rate?

4.Are the companies she writes for rate by AM Best A or better? Are they financially sound?

5 Will they pay a claim?

6 Will she work 7 days a week and 14 hours a day to get my claim processed and paid?

7 If buying property insurance how will she decide how much coverage I need?

8 Can she write in more than one state? If so, which ones?

 Is your current insurance agent charging you to much money? If so, it is time to contact Wynona’s Insurance Agency as we have multiply carriers specializing in providing replacement cost coverage with wind in Alabama and Florida. We in house shop so you don’t have to. I try and educate clients and prospects about their coverages and deductibles. For the most part clients do not understand insurance. There are a lot of independent agents out there. Make sure you pick one that is honest, hard working and knowledgeable. I work from home so I am open 7days a week. Call anytime day or night. You got it I can write it.

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