Alabama Gulf Coast Insurance After Hurricane Sally

Wynona’s Insurance Agency writes with over 50 brokers. Wynona in house shops for the best coverage at the lowest price.

 A lot has changed in the insurance industry since Sally came to town, and some for the better. One Lloyd’s company had been on moratorium for 9 months. They only do owner occupied homes primary, seasonal or secondary. They had a rate decrease. That’s right, I said decrease. They are the only company I found that starts giving discounts starting the second year. On year 2 they give a 2% discount for renewal. On year 3 they give a 3% discount for renewal and a 3% discount for Claims free. They increase both deductibles up to year 5 when they max it out at 5% each. Also starting the 2nd year your AOP(All Other Perils) starts decreasing until year 5 where it goes down to 0. If you are a first responder active or retired they give a 5% discount starting on the first year. 

Quotes are free. No hidden fees. Would love to have the opportunity to see how much money I can save you. Call 251-540-HOPE(4673) Office 251-942-5475 Cell email or Wynona’s Insurance Agency web site. Thanks. Be safe. God Bless

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